Hidden Sources of Wheat

by in Articles, Digestion and Immunity January 21, 2016

Processed foods are part of most people’s diet. They are packed with salt, sugar, fat and loads of additives. One of the most common additives is wheat, hidden in many different ingredients. This can make following a gluten-free diet impossible if you aren’t in the habit of reading labels. We have compiled a list of […]

In-Depth Look at Dietary Bad Actors

by in Articles, Bad Actors March 15, 2019

Dietary Bad Actors Dietary bad actors refer to things we eat which can cause digestive distress or illness. The things we eat were not created equal. Some are a benefit to us and others can be dangerous. There are some foods that contain what has become known as “anti-nutrients” that are always a problem and […]

Heal Your Gut – with Chitosan

by in Articles, Digestion and Immunity April 5, 2016

Feeling and looking great is everyone’s dream. DigestShield® makes that dream easier! DigestShield® works to make your life better in four big ways. Serrapeptase and AN-PEP enzymes break down gluten before it can cause any damage to your gut or cause you to have any of the awful symptoms of gluten sensitivity. (1) General digestive […]

Gluten-Free Diet

by in Articles, Digestion and Immunity January 21, 2016

Gluten sensitivity plagues a huge number of people around the world and that number is on the rise. Because it so difficult to diagnose, we do not know the exact number but researchers estimate as many as 18 million in America alone. Until recently, the only way for people with gluten sensitivity to find relief […]

Bad Actors

by in Articles, Digestion and Immunity January 21, 2016

  Bad Actors We mention bad actors all the time here at Shield Nutraceuticals. We do this because there are so many of them in the industrialized food system and it is our goal to raise awareness and protect your health. To better understand what these bad actors are and why they are a problem, keep […]