DigestShield® - all in one capsule


DigestShield® is a digestive aid containing Enzymes, Probiotics and Prebiotics, in just the right amounts, all in one capsule. Our ingredients are designed to improve digestion and give protection from the effects of eating foods such as gluten (wheat), dairy, soy, and beans. It is the only digestive aid with Chitosan. 

Clinically Tested

DigestShield® was created by doctors and tested for two years at Performance Medicine clinics.

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We absolutely guarantee you will be happy with DigestShield® or your money back.

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Why choose DigestShield®?

Do you struggle with these issues after eating?

There are a large number of Digestive Aids on the market. They generally fall into four categories:

1. Antacids (including Proton Pump Inhibitors – PPIs)

2. Digestive Enzymes

3. Probiotics

4. Prebiotics

DigestShield® employs a triple action formula to help digest gluten, dairy, fat, carbohydrates and protein, better! Twenty plant-based enzymes help the body break down hard-to-digest foods into small, usable parts, delivering nutritional value from what we eat. This can help prevent diet-related immune responses.  Eleven probiotics work to restore and maintain balance to gut microflora. Five prebiotics shield against the harmful effects of lectins while simultaneously feeding the probiotics in our formula.

If you are taking DigestShield® before a meal, (and don’t overeat) it is highly unlikely you will ever need an antacid.

Doctor Rogers holding a bottle of DigestShield

DigestShield® is the best over-the-counter digestive aid I have ever used.​

Tom Rogers, MD

Dr. Tom Rogers, founder of Performance Medicine, is Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, and Board Certified in Sports Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (A4M). He earned his MD from East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine and completed his residency at the University of South Carolina.

As part of his diagnosis protocol, Dr. Rogers asks his patients, “How is your gut?” The reason is, a healthy gut contributes to the effectiveness of the immune system, heart, and other organ functions, improved digestion, and may help reduce incidences of several diseases and autoimmune disorders. Improving the gut microbiome is essential for patients to get maximum results from the rest of his protocols. Dr. Rogers prescribes DigestShield® to achieve that.