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Fuentes Ocultas de Trigo

by in Articles, Digestion and Immunity enero 21, 2016

Processed foods are part of most people’s diet. They are packed with salt, sugar, fat and loads of additives. One of the most common additives is wheat, hidden in many different ingredients. This can make following a gluten-free diet impossible if you aren?t in the habit of reading labels. We have compiled a list of […]

Sin Gluten: Historia de un Movimiento

by in Articles noviembre 17, 2015

The history of the gluten-free movement is both interesting and relevant to more and more people every day. Most likely, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease have been with humans ever since our ancestors started eating grains. The first record of the symptoms of celiac disease comes from 100 AD when the Greek physician, Aretaeus the […]