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Valet Hemp Lubricant
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Valet Hemp Lubricant is an all-organic intimate comfort product. We use certified organic extracts of palm, hemp seed,  coconut, rose hip and lavender. It provides the ultimate slickness and low friction slip that you will love for any intimate pursuit.
Valet Hemp Lubricant can be used for intimate activities, as a shave gel, a moisturizer for lips, hands and face and as a night serum.

Valet Hemp Lubricant is made from Certified Organic expeller-pressed Palm Fruit, Certified Organic Hemp Seed Extract, Certified Organic Coconut Extract, Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil and Certified Organic Lavender. It has a pleasant smell and taste. Valet Hemp Lubricant is the most perfect lube ever created. We don’t say that lightly. It is unlike anything you have ever used and comes with a total satisfaction, money-back guarantee. It is body-safe, toy friendly, extremely long-lasting and works for any type of intimate activity. It never gets sticky and works perfectly in water! It is an ideal slickness and amazing to experience, with just a single application of the gel.

It is free from petroleum by-products, Mineral Oil, Polyquaternium, Lidocaine, Silicone, Benzoic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Gluten, Glycerine, Paraben, Non-Oxynol-9, Chlorohexidine, and Propylene Glycol. (It especially meets the need that post-menopausal women have for a safe, effective, natural lubricant.)